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Who we are

ASAP Insurance agency is A top insurance agency established in 2012 with an insight to give the
best insurance solutions & services to every customer.


To deliver relevant solutions, outstanding quality service, and peace of mind to customers.


We want to be the insurance agency of choice, dedicated to educating, serving, and protecting customers and businesses with the best insurance policies at the right price.

We help teams build the business of their dreams

We want to be the insurance agency of choice, dedicated to educating, serving, and protecting
customers and businesses with the best insurance policies at the right price.


Margaret Nasieku

Our Services

Motor Insurance

At Asap Insurance Agency, we recognize how valuable your car is to you and how important it is to always keep it safe. Hence, protect your vehicle and guarantee financial
security against accidents, thefts, loss, or damage by fire with our customized motor insurance plans.

We provide quick claims processing and 24/7 help to ensure that you may travel worry-free.

Health Insurance

Asap Insurance Agency wants to be there for you in the event of an unavoidable medical emergency. We offer the best choices for health insurance covers for Individuals, Families, SMEs, Corporates, that will protect you.

We provide a range of health insurance covers that will give you access to high-quality healthcare treatment at an affordable cost.

Home Insurance

Our home insurance plans, which are often referred to as domestic package insurance are a type of insurance that protects the belongings or property of landlords, renters, and homeowners.

It protects your house and possessions against unforeseen calamities like fires, thefts, or natural disasters. Therefore, it provides you with financial security and peace of
mind for your most valued assets.

Travel Insurance

Whether traveling for business or vacation, travel insurance is a crucial factor to take into account. Asap Insurance Agency has affordable travel insurance policies that cover both domestic travel in Kenya and internationally, which lets you enjoy your travel experiences without worrying.

We cover lost luggage, medical emergencies abroad, trip
cancellations or delays, and more, also we offer 24-hour help for an easy travel experience.

Personal Accident Insurance

Asap Insurance Agency provides you with personal accident insurance that helps you to be ready for anything that life throws at you. We offer cover in the case of accidental injury, disabilities, medical costs, and death benefits payments.

Additionally, our personal accident insurance plans protect from the financial effects of accidents by giving you and
your family the confidence to take on obstacles.

Livestock Insurance & Crop Insurance

Utilize our livestock and crop insurance to protect your farming interests. We cover losses resulting from natural disasters, diseases & other risks by protecting your livelihood and ensuring the continuation of farming operations.

Individual, SME and Corporate Pension

It is important to develop a retirement strategy and a retirement savings must begin as soon as you start receiving income. Our pension plans will help you to secure your retirement and future by starting early to accumulate more retirement savings or investment benefits.

We provide pension plans to help Individual, SME and Corporate to reach their long-term financial objectives and guarantee a comfortable retirement.

Life Insurance

Asap Insurance Agency offers different types of life insurance policies available in Kenya such as term, whole life, endowment, and education insurance. Therefore, in the case of an early death, the discovery of a serious sickness, or a permanent disability, life insurance helps to protect your finances.

In Kenya, life insurance maturity benefits are
often paid out as a tax-free lump payment.

Marine Insurance

Cargo travels across seas and oceans every day to get from one continent to another. In the supply chain, tons of items are exchanged and accidents or losses that occur during the transportation of commodities have the potential to cost people, also companies billions of dollars.

Our marine insurance services will help to make sure that your shipments and marine assets are safe. We cover risks related to maritime transport, such as vessel accidents, loss, theft or damage of cargo during shipping or importation.

WIBA (Work Injury Benefits Act)

Use our WIBA insurance to protect your employees while adhering to legal laws. We provide The Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) insurance that covers companies in the event that the employees are killed or suffer injuries while on the job. The WIBA
insurance intervenes to relieve employers of their financial responsibility to compensate
employees injured during and as a result of their employment under the Work Injury Benefits Act.

Contractors All Risks (CAR)

Contractors All Risks (CAR) is essentially a type of property insurance that provides coverage during the building phase of the property.

The property owners may choose to obtain such coverage, but most times, they will need the contractors to do so. Our Contractors All Risks (CAR) insurance offers complete protection against a range of risks for building projects, such as property damage, third-party liability, and delays in the construction process.

We make sure that your investments are protected and your projects remain on schedule.

Business insurance

Businesses in Kenya have complex problems, which ASAP Insurance Agencyunderstands.

Hence, we provide complete business insurance solutions that are designed
to protect your assets and efficiently reduce risks because of this, to protect yourcompany.

We offer a cover that helps business owners to protect their company against fire and other hazards that could cause loss or harm.

Our core values

1.The client

Our #1 Priority is our client, every client.

2.Honesty & Integrity

You can trust us to be truthful and uphold the highest ethical principles in everything we do.


They are the foundation of our agency. The better we know you, the better we serve you.

4 .Excellence

We strive for excellence, outstandingly delivering every product and service

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